Group Organizers

don-brown-150pxDon Brown is 67 years old and along with his wife Mardi, started and ran 5 businesses over the course of about 34 years. Some of these businesses were successful and some were not. They made lots of mistakes along the way, some multiple times. They started their most successful business in 1998 called the International Wireless Industry Consortium – an international wireless industry association – with clients all over the world, and grew it into a multi-million dollar enterprise. They sold that business in 2013 and retired in January 2014 for about 4 hours. Don was introduced to SCORE in early 2014 and decided to volunteer some of his time to give back to the community – to help people who wanted to start or grow their small business. (SCORE, a nationwide organization of more than 320 Chapters and more than 12,000 volunteers, is a service partner of the SBA – ) Don and Mardi were interested in real estate, so in 2014 they attended a DIG (Diversified Real Estate Investor Group) meeting and learned that real estate flippers were always looking for funding. So shortly thereafter, as serial entrepreneurs, they formed a new business called Funding4Flippers – where they provide private funding to flippers. After all of these years of starting and running small businesses and helping others evaluate, start and run their small business, the need for the Bucks County Marketing & WordPress Consortium emerged, aimed at bringing the entire supply chain together to help people cut thru all of the confusion to quickly and efficiently achieve success. There is NO Cost to participate in this Consortium.
tom-knoble-150pxTom Knoble has been involved with design and marketing his entire career. He received his BFA in Advertising Design from Syracuse University. His early career was spent in New York City at both national advertising agencies and creative services internally for an international cosmetic company. After working for over a dozen years in New York, Tom Knoble started his own company serving SE Pennsylvania clients. Pig Art Graphics was started in 1997 in Doylestown. His typical website clients range from startups without a web presence or optimizing and updating existing sites to take advantage of evolving technologies. In addition, Pig Art provides services from brand development, logo design and print design. Web site development invariably requires a deep understanding of how the client chooses to coordinate their website with their marketing goals and strategic direction. Merely having a website does not answer those questions.