Consortium Directory Members:

Background & Mission

Don Brown, serial entrepreneurconsortium-graphic and Retired Director, IWPC & Tom Knoble, owner, Pig Art Graphics have created and organized the Bucks County Marketing & WordPress Consortium © which is designed to bring together the User (Site Owners), Marketing Professional and WordPress Website developer supply chain to help Companies & Individuals (Users) achieve success with Marketing thru their Websites.

After years of professional marketing and Website development with numerous client companies, the Organizers have learned that Users who are looking to start or grow their small business typically don’t have a full grasp of what marketing channels are available them or how to use them – especially their Website.

The goal of this Consortium is to bring the entire industry supply chain together in one room at one time to learn and understand from each other what is needed by the User and what technologies are now available or will be available in the future to help the User make money with their Marketing plans thru their Website. The Consortium’s website, www.BucksCountyMarketing.org is a central place where the entire Marekting and Website supply chain can network, find each other and ask questions of the entire group – helping speed up and reduce costs of “time to success”.

Future plans of the Consortium are to offer in-person and on-line education and training on all issues around Marketing and WordPress.

Relationships between Consortium Segments

Users – Site Owners


The question most often asked by the User is – what can my Website do to help me make money? Users hear and learn different things depending on who they talk with and after a while, they get confused with a lot of jargon. This confusion often doesn’t really help them grow their business, cost effectively. The Consortium, for the User, is an independent place to hear many voices across the entire supply chain. These voices will help them sort out the jargon as to what is available now and what will be available in the future to achieve their desired success.

Professional Marketers


Professional Marketers who closely deal with their clients (Users) have a pretty good idea of what their clients want to do, but very often are not up to date with what WordPress technologies are available to them to deliver a Website to meet the current and future needs of their clients. Professional Marketers try to bridge the gap between what the User wants and what WordPress technologies are now or will be available to help meet the needs of their clients. This Consortium gives the Professional Marketer an opportunity to stay up to date with what Users across many industries and markets want and what technologies are available or will be available to meet their needs.

WordPress Developers


WordPress Developers are highly skilled with the nuts and bolts of Website technology and development but often don’t have a clear understanding of the short and long term Marketing needs and goals of the User. This Consortium gives these Developers an opportunity to learn what their customer’s customer wants and thru this learning, the Developer can more precisely target which Website technologies are best suited to help the customer achieve their success. In some cases, this learning might even stimulate some ideas for future technology and product development.